urban art exhibit

so i think i just died a little....

the museum of modern art in bremen, germany, is hosting an urban art exhibition that is phenomenal. it's essentially every great street artist i've ever had the privilege to lay eyes on and it's to the tune of miss van, swoon, banksy, space invader, and shepard fairey.

you can read a little bit more about it here:

i have a special place in my heart for swoon after seeing her work in new york when i was there. it's so intricate and detailed, not to mention huge, i can only imagine how difficult it is to get a  successful print.

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  1. Hey Kristina, you just commented over on the GA blog about us possibly being related. There's actually a decent chance of that, seeing as you attend school in Atlanta, and a good majority of my dad's side of the family live in Atlanta or South Carolina. We should get to the bottom of this!