happy father's day

happy father's day to the two dad's i have in my life!  
ya'll do a better job at being a father than anyone i know.
love you mom & big brother!

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the ultimate junk store

so it's been a little while, i know. i am finally done with school for this quarter, thank goodness. (now i get to focus on moving out) my grades you ask? all A's and one B+, which is kind of torture getting so close to that A haha.

spent a few celebratory days in alabama this week. we ventured all the way out to J&J's Junk Store, which if you haven't been, you need to go. it's pretty amazing. they have so much stuff. &i've always heard stories about it, and about how these little old ladies run it and all they do is sit there and eat and watch soap operas, and SURE ENOUGH they were! it was every bit of what i expected it to be.

this is where your remote control goes once the couch eats it. 

my loot includes: 4 watches that are to be disassembled and turned into wonderful art, 2 Le Pens in their original packaging (i could not resist, how silly), 1 monogramed pin that looks identical to old anthro monograms (i think its the letter F), 1 pair of big flower clip on earrings that will also be turned into some wonderful art one of these days, & finally, a little quirky stitched creation of a bee and some strawberries that will eventually be put in one of my many fun frames, that are all currently boxed up at the moms house.

we also took the little one swimming in a salt water pool. he pretty much hated it. but it was SO cute. 

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urban art exhibit

so i think i just died a little....

the museum of modern art in bremen, germany, is hosting an urban art exhibition that is phenomenal. it's essentially every great street artist i've ever had the privilege to lay eyes on and it's to the tune of miss van, swoon, banksy, space invader, and shepard fairey.

you can read a little bit more about it here:

i have a special place in my heart for swoon after seeing her work in new york when i was there. it's so intricate and detailed, not to mention huge, i can only imagine how difficult it is to get a  successful print.

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she was something, something else

so after many MANY hours of slaving away at my tiny workspace... making one trip to the emergency room...one entire day of sleep...and one entire day awake....and one boy who went out and bought me everything i was craving....& didn't even complain when i didn't eat it after all....I HAVE CREATED A semi MASTER PIECE OF A WEBSITE. did i mention that i started over from scratch with entirely different lay outs and art SEVEN times.. yeah... terrible nightmare basically. but im so proud to be finished and it seems like my teacher is pretty syked that someone actually cared and put effort into the project. or at least i hope so.

since i dont have a domain ill post a few pictures of the pages. there are some final things i need to change, but over all this is how it's gonna look: 

{home page}

{gallery 1}

{gallery 2}


but now my poor little work corner in my room is a W.R.E.C.K.

(&yes that would be hot tamales, dots, goldfish, and soda. wonderful diet. i assure you. i'm such a college student. minus the partying. which i think the doctor was in total shock about. a 20 year old, not drinking, smoking, doing drugs, or getting preggers. shocker, right?)

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15 minutes

just wanted to share two more of my little "future etsy shop" items. hope you like them!

of course the jewels are fresh water pearls and swarovski crystals.

and this is my little andy warhol homage....even though i kind of can't stand him, & think he gets more credit than he deserves, it was still a cute idea! and i cruised etsy all over to make sure i wasn't cramping anyone's style, and this will for sure be an etsy first! which is exciting. i'm also wanting to do a kind of country kitchen one, with faded flowers, for those who are also over the whole pop art deal. 

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beehives & bird's nests

lately i have finally taken the leap into making some jewelry. i've had all these ideas about creative things that i never had time to do because of work and im so proud of myself for actually taking the time to fulfill all of those artsy projects. anyways, here are the pictures i managed to edit the size of in photoshop before it bugged out on me 234 times.

with all this being said, i'm saving up my projects to start an etsy account to sell my work on. if anyone has any suggestions on things they'd like me to do, please tell me!!!  the next on my list so far is an owl (of course) and the gustav klimt tree for a necklace.

oh & of course if you are interested in purchasing one of these FABULOUS pieces, just holler! 

oh & i finally got to see one of my favorite ladies today! the roommate and myself ventured out towards the southern poly area to see lesley and her beautiful baby! i think one of my favorite parts about not seeing someone for a long time, is seeing them and realizing how much you missed being around them. it really makes you appreciate a friendship so much more. check out lesley's wonderful blog HERE. i have it bookmarked and you should too!

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not on crack, just on mac

so here's what i did in my class on monday. it was a test. &lets hope i did well since i'm not doing so hot in that class. 
i also finished my website in it's entirety, and i'm so proud of it! now i just need to buy a domain so i can be professional and have a website of my very own. if i can manage to get a picture of it, i'll be sure to post it. it's a very me design, true to my roots of art and video games. =]

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i love you.

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