we'll stop time

working on some business identity for Genesis Health Care Services. here's the brochure layout/design. they're a fast growing company in some serious need of good graphic design! i'm revamping their business cards next!

the x's are where their images will be of products and things. i was shocked to find out they didn't have a website. EVERY professional business NEEDS a website. hopefully they will see my point and hire me on for their web design!

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plus 25 hp

here's a mock up design for some business cards. i really want to work on the line work a little more and add some color. we'll see! so far its been a rough ride building the portfolio but hopefully i'll pull through with some good pieces that'll help me out down the road!

front side of card

back side of card.
(the black outlines aren't on the card, it's only for blogging purposes!)

in other news i've picked up some freelance work, so maybe i'll post some of those at a later date. OH& i made some home made chili tonight! (shhh secret ingredient was definitely mr. pibb!)



gave one my ego &one my id

i'm spending this week on an identity package essentially. business cards, website, logos, the whole works. here's something i'm playing around with. what do you think?


pbr pearls

so saturday was the annual pbr art contest/show at graveyard tavern in east atlanta.... unfortunately i found out about it the day before the artwork was due! this is what i managed to scrounge up over night. i'm no beer drinker and had to do some kitchen trash can diving at a friend's house... but i've been told pbr is way cheap, so i wanted to do things that were silly and in good fun.

reference photo

acrylic paint on illustration board approx 15 x 11 inches

i also wanted to make a piece of jewelry that kind of represented the idea of how poor can be rich. haha i think it's a pretty silly necklace.

ALSO pearl art supplies is closing! so sad but the whole store, or what's left of it, is 50% off! i got some pretty awesome dr. martin inks and new beads/jewels and linoleum printing things!



homemade holmes

so to keep this short and sweet i'm still messing around with the thought of abstract art and expressionism.

acrylic paints on 18 x 24 canvas

as well as some nerd lovin' through my painting skills.

acrylic paint on nintendo cartridge

acrylic paint on nintendo cartridge



drippin' with alchemy

so i took a stab at abstract painting. & i think it went pretty well! it was an art therapy of sorts, but i really liked the finished product. maybe i can sell it on the internet. which would be awesome!

18 x 24 acrylic and ink

& i had some fun with my burger king kids meal toy. mario themed as usual!

approx. 3 1/2 x 1 prisma color marker




so it's been a minute since i've updated so i thought i would put up two of my favorite pieces from when i first started school. i've been working on finding a job in the realm of graphic design, painting more, and preparing for the global game jam at the end of the month! keeping busy as usual!

did i mention how much i LOVE the new tegan and sara cd?! so good.