stamped card tutorial

I made some business cards for Maria and myself for our new business.
you can learn how to, too!

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sparkling sun zombies

my first final project of this quarter. the project was to create a crate label based on the vintage crate labels sold in the 50's (which are oddly popular now, you can find them at most antique stores). The orange is painted with acrylic on a wood sheet, and the typography was done in illustrator. overall, i love it, but i want to change the color of the text. black is so heavy.

& my super awesome zombie necklace! just in time for halloween! you can purchase it here:

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new etsy things!

put lots of goodies up in the shop! and have already had a few sales!

me and my awesome friend maria recently launched our own business! it's perfect for all you creative folks out there! check it out and support us so we can one day get excellent jobs and pay off all our education debt! lol
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new etsy & bombay sapphire award

you can now purchase my original paintings and other goodies from the common creativ etsy shop! i keep posting stuff just about every other day so keep up to date with it!

this was a painting i did for the bombay sapphire art exhibit at the mason murer gallery for this thursday! i was one of 35 selected, and guess who selected the winning 35 contestants? RUN DMC himself! haha isn't that hilarious?

and lets take a moment of silence, as my mural was removed from manuels tavern this week =[ it breaks my heart.

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