sneak peak

i have recently received two blank skateboard decks, one for myself and one for a friend. SO i'm doing some trial and error wood burning and inking. it's a single, small, step closer to doing actual designs for skateboards. but i guess that's one of those life goals, so maybe one day you'll see my designs on some real labels.

this is probably going to be a pretty time consuming project seeing as i can only work on it for about 30 minutes at a time before the burner starts to burn my tiny hands!

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i think i'm cured

so i've been working on this drawing off and on for the past two days, and finally finished!! it's going to be one in a series of linoleum blocks based on my take of art nouveau fairy tales. this one's red riding hood. the illustrator file does the drawing no justice, but the carved block will hopefully turn out well.
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one pull &i could split the world in two

well here it is, final project(s) for the quarter.

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out of my heart

one more day! one. more. day. (silently having an anxiety attack)

final for advanced drawing, 18x24 charcoal

oh& books i'm dying to own! these are my top favorite design/art books of 2009.

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on the one's and two's

charcoal: 18 x 24

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about strength from inhalers

last week my opera poster was too cheerful, so I was told to dull it down a bit... a lot. hopefully i got it this time.

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now the sky is pink

poster pre-critique. fingers crossed!

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