Kraken Up

It's WAY past due for me to update this thing! I've been really busy getting ready for graduation, but I've made a lot of awesome things for Etsy! And I'm hoping to get involved in a few of those art events in downtown Roswell, Kennesaw, whereever sometime this year.

I've apparently had quite a fixation on krakens lately, so if you cruise the Etsy shop you'll notice lots of them! I don't know what it is, but my guess is that it's that awsomely designed Kraken Rum that's been taking over design blogs.

Snag a print of this guy^ at kristinadutton.etsy.com

I also had enough traffic to my fan page to finally give it a url!
You can now find me at www.facebook.com/KristinaDuttonPaints!


BIT: the ultimate collection

possibly the final draft of the three labels =]

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Kraken down on spendin'

i bought these little leather coin pouches at work, and stenciled on them. they were a lot of fun, and turned out great!

i tried out a new method that i thought worked great: for small stencils, draw your design out on a piece of masking tape, use an xacto and cutting board to cut it out, and then apply it to your surface. it'll stick but not too much or too little. =]

p.s. it seems the old lady in me is slipping out, i'm making horribly lame jokes lately, guess it's time to break out the cardigans..

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just in case you get bit by a zombie:

a series of faux products i've created that help cure ailments involving the undead, vampires, and even abominable snowmen! (stay tuned for the others)

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new collection

posting some new items to etsy soon! they are handpainted, hand cut, and covered in a protection layer of hand poured resin. they are sturdy and waterproof, and the most colorful pieces of wearable art you can buy for around 20 bucks!

p.s. send me a message on etsy mentioning this post and i'll be sure you get a free gift with your next purchase!(just mention this post at time of purchase, i'll honor it until april 1, 2011)
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worked on some more portraits for the series. =]

miss margot tenenbaum
8 x 10 acrylic on canvas

storm trooper
8 x 10 acrylic on canvas

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handmade stuff

updating the etsy shop with lots of new goodies! all kinds of pretty packaged jewelry, colorful paintings, and a few prints!

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