so the past weekend went as follows:
- up at 7:30 a.m. (an ungodly hour, if you ask me)
- went to nick's old, smelly, apartment to save him from the cave that it was
- spent the day driving under 50 miles an hour from dunwoody to woodstock, and moving things until 3 p.m. 
- did i mention there was a razor in my tire? yay for unexpected expenses. not.
- food with the fam and nick's dad at THE FLYING BISCUIT (amazing!)
- family smash hour
- drag me to hell, which was pretty good but i was a little upset with the ending.
- then family smash again!

do you know what i love even more than being one of the boys? BEATING the boys. especially when they are my cousins, brother, and boyfriend. OH YEAH. i'm pretty awesome. 

i've also held out on putting some work up here, so heres a watercolor sketch of a sweet little bumble bee. i've been practicing lots of different ideas and styles for the honey designs, and i think i've found one i'm going to go with. 

now i have to spend the next 2 days completely re-doing my website. if you dont hear from me after those 2 days, i've probably died of computer over dose.


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almost late for class..

Just wanted to take a minute to reflect on the little wonders in my life: 

Meet Madigan. While just about everyone I grew up with now have babies, I have this little fuzzy joy. He's my son and the love of my life.  

Little Facts About This Baby:
- His name is from a series of Sci-fi novels, "The Looking Glass Wars".
- Names that were considered include Wedge and Dodge (also from the books, not the car)
- He is not a morning person.
 - He is the biggest momma's boy around.

This is Roscoe. He sure does like to pose for the camera.

-We've had him since I was in third grade
- Daily activities include: sitting, cleaning, posing, meowing.
- Tends to talk in "eh eh"s 
- Lives with the mom

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the all day owl

I think every college student needs at least one good cookbook. The one I recommend is "The Illustrated Kitchen Bible". It's essentially cooking for beginners, and while the portions are normally much larger than necessary and some of the recipes a little complicated (they even have rattitoulle!), it's everything the title leads it to be. Tonight we ate on about $6 and some previously purchased ice cream snickers bars for desert. (Did I mention I am in desperate need of a haircut! Look at that mop of hair!)

I also had a bit of an "accident"
 last night (thanks nick), which lead to me missing my web design class today, but for the sake of my blog being about myself and my (hopefully) blossoming art, here's a sneak peak of my up coming portfolio website:

Upcoming projects: Organic Honey Designs/Logos (will be sold in Birmingham, AL, I'll post links on where to buy it), Art for a video game I'm collaborating with, and, finally, illustrating a children's book to teach Vietnamese children how to speak english.  

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