half page magazine ad for myself. you like? i'm not sure i love it, but like most projects in my life, given the time i spent on it, it's not too shabby.

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new jewels 2.0

hello strangers! i've been m.i.a. due to school and work, but good news! the jewelry supplies i ordered all the way from china finally came in, and i've just started piecing together a few things. here's the first one (i'll post finished product photos when that happens, in the mean time this is just a pendent):

and maybe later this week i'll explain what this little photog is about... =]

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new girl

the first issue of atlanta girl magazine is coming out soon! i'm not able to reveal much, but here's a full page illustration i did for an article that's about being the new girl in school. i really liked the way it turned out.

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