the ultimate junk store

so it's been a little while, i know. i am finally done with school for this quarter, thank goodness. (now i get to focus on moving out) my grades you ask? all A's and one B+, which is kind of torture getting so close to that A haha.

spent a few celebratory days in alabama this week. we ventured all the way out to J&J's Junk Store, which if you haven't been, you need to go. it's pretty amazing. they have so much stuff. &i've always heard stories about it, and about how these little old ladies run it and all they do is sit there and eat and watch soap operas, and SURE ENOUGH they were! it was every bit of what i expected it to be.

this is where your remote control goes once the couch eats it. 

my loot includes: 4 watches that are to be disassembled and turned into wonderful art, 2 Le Pens in their original packaging (i could not resist, how silly), 1 monogramed pin that looks identical to old anthro monograms (i think its the letter F), 1 pair of big flower clip on earrings that will also be turned into some wonderful art one of these days, & finally, a little quirky stitched creation of a bee and some strawberries that will eventually be put in one of my many fun frames, that are all currently boxed up at the moms house.

we also took the little one swimming in a salt water pool. he pretty much hated it. but it was SO cute. 

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  1. love, love, love this last photograph. i want to frame it!