hey everyone, BIG NEWS! okay not really, but it is exciting. im on the front page of amateur illustrator! check it out. it runs through about 8 or so images, so if it doesnt show up the first time, hit refresh. 


friends among fish

So its the end of the second week of this quarter, and so far this is what i have to show for it:

a line art illustration based on an ink drawing. this is the completed product.

{UPDATE: my teacher told me he would never mix up my name again... BECAUSE i got the highest grade in the class! =] }

and the beginnings of my first editorial project, it's the rough painting done in photoshop, but it will eventually be a portfolio piece (i hope!).

"In the year 4545,
Ain't gonna need your teeth, won't need your eyes,
You won't find a thing to chew,
Nobody's gonna look at you."

i'm having a little bit of trouble making this follow the lyrics, if anyone has any advice to make it a little more obvious, PLEASE let me know! any feedback would be great!

hope everyone has a good weekend!

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just for laughs

i was going through my old art folder, and check this out! my first big mural! i am a mere 16 years old here! my hair was super cute though. i miss my high school art days. things were SO easy.

i also found some old stencils i made!

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n is for nerd

so everyone knows i am a complete nerd, but i am also pretty high maintenance and enjoy the finer things in life. ....so i am creating a line of jewelry combining my two favorite things: video games and jewels (mostly necklaces)! it's PERFECT. for me anyways... haha 

i made the pacman and his ghost out of sculpy, it's painted/coated with enamel paint, in addition to fresh water pearls.you can't really tell but the ghost is a beautiful deep purple (of course) and pacman is an interference yellow (fancy word for pearlescent).

up next: zelda and alice in wonderland.

oh& school starts monday. so i can kiss my free time goodbye. i was just getting used to it =[

World Civ.; Mr. Day 


Editorial Illustration; Budowick
World Civ.; Mr. Day
Critical Thinking; Burke

Editorial Illustration; Budowick

Adv. Digital Illustration; Moyers

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aquatic life

so there is a saying in japan that an octopus represents someone who has a lot do. &i think that really explains a lot about me right now. 

this is one of 4 sea shells that i have recently painted, however, you will only see two because i completely hate the other ones. 
i have recently been trying desperately hard to work on the projects i've been dying to work on for months, and trying to decide on job opportunities, and trying to get all this done before i go back to school on monday. 

it's been a rough day.

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moved and cluttered

i feel like a lot of my blog entries begin with "so it's been awhile"... hahha
well i'm all moved into my mothers now, and my room has definitely been improved since my high school days. i'll post pictures when it's fully complete!

in the mean time... i found some sea shells in the basement and decided to do some much needed painting. i only have two weeks left before school starts back and i haven't done any of the projects i wanted to do.

i'm really excited for the next one. i have a plan! haha but it includes a few things that i do not currently have. i'll give you a spoiler though...it includes ocotpi and time pieces.

meet my good friend jess:

we were besties in high school, and have recently reconnected. she's a pretty amazing girl and a great friend, so me and nick are taking her away to bham for the week when she gets off work today. i'm super excited! we are going to hit all of our favorite thrift and antique stores and all of the usual food stops! 

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