she was something, something else

so after many MANY hours of slaving away at my tiny workspace... making one trip to the emergency room...one entire day of sleep...and one entire day awake....and one boy who went out and bought me everything i was craving....& didn't even complain when i didn't eat it after all....I HAVE CREATED A semi MASTER PIECE OF A WEBSITE. did i mention that i started over from scratch with entirely different lay outs and art SEVEN times.. yeah... terrible nightmare basically. but im so proud to be finished and it seems like my teacher is pretty syked that someone actually cared and put effort into the project. or at least i hope so.

since i dont have a domain ill post a few pictures of the pages. there are some final things i need to change, but over all this is how it's gonna look: 

{home page}

{gallery 1}

{gallery 2}


but now my poor little work corner in my room is a W.R.E.C.K.

(&yes that would be hot tamales, dots, goldfish, and soda. wonderful diet. i assure you. i'm such a college student. minus the partying. which i think the doctor was in total shock about. a 20 year old, not drinking, smoking, doing drugs, or getting preggers. shocker, right?)

{© thirty-times-three}


  1. What you didn't eat all the stuff I got you!?
    Haha jk! btw....

    I am shocked too! You are from Woodstock home-girl you are suposed to be preggers and doin' the druggies! You are letting the home-town down lady.

    jk agains..

    Love you my Queen Bee! it all looks super amazing!!

  2. Your website looks amazing. I can't wait to see it live!

  3. thanks girl! lol that might be awhile... considering im broke. but no big deal. ill get it eventually.

  4. Looks good. What'd you go to the dr for? and what school do you go to?

    -Brianna Garcia

  5. Can't wait till your webpage is up - looks awesome!