off with her head!

so the thread and canvas event went really well! it was a blast and a great turn out! thanks to everyone who came! cant wait to do the next one! only next time i want to have real paintings ready to purchase, i'm not a big fan of this whole art print deal. it just doesn't compare to the real thing, you know?

in other news, if you aren't busy on wednesday you should come on by east side lounge and support me and my girl cora! this is kind of like my dream show, everyone knows i am an alice in wonderland fiend. (although not so stoked on the movie coming out, hope it doesn't ruin this childhood favorite, tim burton already ruined a fabulous ray bradbury story (in my opinion, sorry if you liked the film! don't be mad at me!))

hope to see you there! it's always a great cause to support your local artists! (we really appreciate it! haha)



business cards

so i have been working on some handmade business cards for this weekend while i'm still playing around with my identity package. here's the final result after lots of cutting, printing, dripping, and stitching! recycled and fabulous, huh?!

what do you think?

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cyclops & a honey bee

i've been working in over time trying to get various projects done and jewelry made in time for the thread and canvas event. unfortunately i've had terrible luck and ran into several problems that set me back a good 7 hours or so. here's what i've been up to:

my teeny tiny work table.

some of the pendants i was working on.

bumble bee necklace completed.

i'll also be a contributing artist for an alice in wonderland art show coming up in about a week or two! so exciting! but i have no clue what i am going to do for it!

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help, i'm alive!

so i am participating as one of the selling artists at the thread and canvas artist event on saturday february 27th at the arizona pub downtown! lots of amazingly talented folks will be there as well as some fabulously dressed ladies! including one of my favorite bloggers, lesley, from homemade grits! so come down and check us out and support your local arts!

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you are a sunday afternoon

UPDATE! here's the link to my new etsy shop!
it's a work in progress so i'll be updating it frequently until i get it fully up and running!

here's what i've been up to! these lovely, nerd-tastic pieces will all be for sale in my etsy shop this week! (with the exception of the night owl, sorry that one's for myself)

zelda as interpreted by ME!

night owl

space invaders invadin' your space!