bleu dame

so i work at a boutique in canton, as well as with the magazine. and this week i've finished up my first big display project. i do merchandising and display coordination here and i love it. it's such a perfect little company and store.

(it's primarily an online store, so if you'd like to check it out just click HERE!)

this is the window from the backside. i couldn't get a good shot from the outside because it was just too sunny today.

my first wave of goodies in their temporary home.

i made these little gems out of recycled plastic bottles. lots of cutting and then painting. well worth the outcome! the neighbors at Key's Jewelry brought over a bunch of their bottles, i made them a nice little handmade card for their help!

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i found this tonight on my amateur illustrator account. i had almost forgotten about it, but i really love it. it's one of, if not THE first illustrations i did for a major class in college. it could use some work, but i love it for what it is. i hope i can find the time to do more traditional things. school is really getting at me this quarter.

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so this week i found out that my face is going t
o be in several places around atlanta... i won a PBR art show awhile back, and i received a call from my dear friend, and assistant, cora that she saw my painting on the side of manuel's tavern in north highland/little five.

this is the original, just in case you missed that post.

they put my name on it finally!

and this was them working on it. (can someone plz explain why i look fat!?)
i haven't made my way down there yet, but if you see it anywhere else, let me know!

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silhouettes &a portrait

A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.
-Diane Arbus

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