nudes & fighter jets

so on wednesdays the school offers a free 2 hour life drawing session. lucky for me it's during the only 2 hours of the day i don't have class (which would normally be my lunch time, but who needs lunch when there's a free nude!?), which kind of makes for a stressful time getting to the next class without being late. but here are a few of the decent 30 sec and 1 minute sketches.

(she was very talkative)

oh and this is what i worked on in editorial today. haha

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new jewels

so this week has gone by incredibly fast. but here are two new necklaces that i worked on. mario themed, of course. sculpy, sanded, bronze gold leafed, acrylic paints, enamel seal. the blue shell (from mario kart for those who don't know) is going on a different chain the next time i make my way to the craft store, i don't like the way the chain goes across that gap. 

one day i'll open my etsy store.

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process recess

i always think its nice to see the process a piece of work goes through, so i wanted to share mine with you. this is some art i'm working on that is doubling as a class assignment and as a freelance piece. the bottle its going on is really oddly shaped, so the print of it is going to be like 1 1/5 x 5 inches. very hard to come up with a decent lay out. 
this was the layout after i scanned in my ink drawings.

this is after i printed and painted my ink drawings. 

and this is the rough final, digitally retouched. 

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the left shoe

so i had to do a caricature for my editorial class of a celebrity. finally after thumbing through celebrities to the tune of lady gaga, perez hilton, steve carrel, stephen colbert, and bill murray, i ended up choosing russell brand. i kind of wanted to play on his vices, so each bird is holding something particular to his life; a condom, microphone, and a syringe. 

this is just the first run, i'm sure after critique tomorrow a lot will have to be changed. love art school.

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pulling my feathers

so i am going on week three of being sick. i now have a bacterial infection. =(
however, hopefully this will be the last of it, i am taking lots of good medicine, and bought lots of vitamins, and have been trying to eat healthy.

so i think that this is the final product for my editorial illustration. it's due on wednesday and i just sent it to my teacher, we'll have to wait and see what he says. he always makes me nervous, and then laughs about it, hah, but its okay, i know i work hard and hopefully he knows it too.

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down the rabbit hole

started on a new digital painting. it's got a long way to go, but i thought you might interested in seeing the process. ill post different pictures as i work on it. i'm always worried about trying to paint or do things that involve things that i really love, i feel like it never turns out as good as i want. this happened the last time i painted an owl. and i really feel like it might with this, which is why it's taken me this long to actually do an alice painting. any who, feedback would be appreciated!

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