beehives & bird's nests

lately i have finally taken the leap into making some jewelry. i've had all these ideas about creative things that i never had time to do because of work and im so proud of myself for actually taking the time to fulfill all of those artsy projects. anyways, here are the pictures i managed to edit the size of in photoshop before it bugged out on me 234 times.

with all this being said, i'm saving up my projects to start an etsy account to sell my work on. if anyone has any suggestions on things they'd like me to do, please tell me!!!  the next on my list so far is an owl (of course) and the gustav klimt tree for a necklace.

oh & of course if you are interested in purchasing one of these FABULOUS pieces, just holler! 

oh & i finally got to see one of my favorite ladies today! the roommate and myself ventured out towards the southern poly area to see lesley and her beautiful baby! i think one of my favorite parts about not seeing someone for a long time, is seeing them and realizing how much you missed being around them. it really makes you appreciate a friendship so much more. check out lesley's wonderful blog HERE. i have it bookmarked and you should too!

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  1. i saw your work on lesley's site and it's adorable. yes, definitely open a shop. i've known lesley for many years and i trust her suggestions (or i wouldn't be over here!) best of luck, can't wait to see more work.

  2. thank you! it's always nice to have encouragement!

  3. I'm on the Acworth side too! Near Wade Green and 92. And I love the necklace you posted - I love all things buzzle bees. Let me know as soon as you open your etsy shop.

  4. i love the ring kristina! you are quite the jewelry whiz! miss you at anthro!

  5. I want one! Where do I send the $$? Can't wait to see the owl one too!