honey label

this is a label i made a while back for a freelance piece. it hasn't been mass produced yet, so in the mean time i'm vamping it up for my portfolio. i'm creating two more labels and making a little gift set of them! the next one i am going to make is orange blossom, the third one is still up in the air. i guess it depends on what kind i find to fill the bottle with.

i can't wait to see the final result! im planning on making a little crate with some hay or something to hold them in, it's going to be very DIY! i don't know about you, but i love lubalin graph!! it's added to my list of favorites for sure! right up there with helvetica and futura. the G and H fit like a glove huh!?

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big plans

so i've been working on gathering my things for my final portfolio for graduation for the past week or so. one of the main things we have to have is a process book, and if you know me, you know it's got to be perfect! so my plan is to have a hardcover bound book, professionally printed off. as of right now, my plan is to have my sketchbook and process pages look like they just came right out of a sketch book (rough looking paper, my whole scrap book thing i do on various pages, etc.). i also plan on having magazine layouts so that it'll give the illusion of looking at a magazine in some areas.

anyways, this is a rough idea of how a two page spread in my book will look. with the cardboard looking background and edges of my book showing and all!
these are pages where i've began planning my next big project. you'll just have to wait and see!

i'll probably be much of a stranger for this quarter, it's a busy one for me. lots of amazing, time consuming, work cut out for you classes. hopefully ill have fabulous things to show for it by september!

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so i had some post cards printed off not too long ago, never did post my design on here, so here it is! i'm hoping to do a series of them, subtle alice in wonderland paintings. this one is the white rabbit, i also have the cheshire cat that will be up next.

[ front]


if you're anything like me and collect these things from other artists, i can always send you one! who doesn't like receiving snail mail?! (when it's not bills anyway)
just e-mail me your name and address, or leave it as a comment if you're okay with doing so.
maybe we can trade?! eh?! eh?!

happy weekend everyone!


screen printing 101

so this is going to be a long post! here's a cheap, neat tutorial on creating a faux screen print! i used mine for printing on paper, but it can easily be put on fabric, plastic, pretty much anything the ink/paint bottle says.

STEP ONE: gather your supplies! here's all the stuff i picked up out of my collection of art things. this was my first time doing thing this so i wanted to be on the safe side, but really all you need is:
-one of those cross stitching frames (i got a nifty wooden looking one so i can hang it on the wall later)
-waterproof glue (i picked up mod podge at wal-mart)
-screen fabric (the best is something like a sheer curtain, the tighter the weave of the fabric the better, tulle works too) -paint/ink (versatex is recommended for fabrics, but i used golden acrylic since it was on paper, just make sure the paint is thick, and not watery or it'll bleed)
-sponge brushes, junky paint brushes,&a pencil.

STEP TWO: put the "screen" fabric onto the frame. remember, you can always remove and cut away excess fabric, but you cant exactly replace it, so i left about 2 or 3 inches all the way around the frame. make sure it's pulled tight too!

STEP THREE: create your design &trace! i recomend not doing what i did, haha, the bigger and more organic your subject is, the better it'll turn out! i didn't have a printer so i placed the frame directly over my computer and LIGHTLY used a pencil to trace the design. you want to make sure you're drawing on it so that the screen is flat to the surface fo which you're tracing.

STEP FOUR: paint AROUND your design! THE INK WILL BE WHERE THE GLUE IS NOT, so paint all the "negative" space with the glue, not the design! it doesn't matter what side you do this on, i just continued using it so that the screen laid flat to a surface. just be careful when sitting it down, the glue will get on everything! this is the hardest part, which is why i say make a larger one! mine was only like 6 inches tall!

STEP FIVE: the easiest way to check and make sure you got the glue over the entire surface is to hold it up to a light or window, i was outside so i just used the sky. as you can see, sharpie pens totally lie! they do bleed!

STEP SIX: i used watercolor paper, sprayed a spot of paint for the background of the rabbit, let it dry, then placed my screen on top. you want to lay your screen so that it's flat to the surface (again!)

STEP SEVEN: paint your image! i originally wanted to try a foam roller, not such a good idea on a small one, so i ended up using a sponge brush and dabbing the paint into the open areas of the screen. make sure your screen stays in the same place and steady! FIGHT THE URGE TO LIFT IT UP TO PEAK, WAIT TILL YOU'RE DONE COMPLETELY! it never hurts to add more paint, you want to make sure you get it all covered as much as possible.

STEP EIGHT: lift your screen up to reveal your print! each one will be unique, and the screen sould be good for a looong time if you take care of it properly! i rinsed mine off after every two prints, COLD water, lightly, then dried it with a paper towel. if it still looks dirty thats fine, you don't want to rub the glue off, just make sure the bulk of the paint is off.

here's one of mine, i like the hand made feel to it. it's an alice in wonderland quote, i was thinking of making them into graduation cards for my friends, it seems suiting.

questions? send me a link to yours if you try it out!

OH &P.S.- if you'd like to purchase one of the prints at the low price of $5.00 (that's including shipping!), send me an e-mail!

america day!

this is a little late to post, but my fourth (or third actually) was spent in a parade in downtown canton. it was a lottttt of fun! we gave out silly bandz! sheena made little tags that had an awesome discount on them, and i assembled the little "future small child riot causing" items. (not really, but SRSLY kids are CRAZY about these things!!)



i love this photo because it amazes me how this beer just shows up everywhere in my life, haha. i don't even drink it! (they might be upset if they knew that, lol)

hope everyone had a safe &relaxing holiday! i sure did, lots of doritos, lemonade, hot dogs, & grilled pineapple! yum!

keep posted for my next blog update! a super cheap, faux screen printing technique! i'll be posting a tutorial!
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so here's a nice little crafty thing i did at work recently (more like two weeks ago... eek)
hair on mannequins! out of twine! in two different styles!

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