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van gogh flowers

To see far is one thing: going there is another.
- Brancusi

this is an old painting i did many years ago, but it's always been one of my favorites. my first ever acrylic painting. it's interesting to see how my style has progressed yet remained true to its roots since then.

i'm excited for the upcoming weeks, let's just say i've got a career starter and things are falling wonderfully into place. =]

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Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgement difficult.
- Hippocrates

acrylic paint. so not sure if i like this one or not, but thought i'd post it anyway. i also made a new header yesterday, check check it.

look at that messy room. ick.
i've been reading art and fear, its pretty interesting and entirely true. i'd recommend it to any aspiring artist of any medium.

buy it here. =)

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BIG news

so i've been incredibly busy lately, but GOOD NEWS! i am now beginning my career, thank goodness. haha. i'm the new illustrator and graphic designer for atlanta girl magazine! i love it! it's so exciting and i'm so lucky and proud to be working for/with something with such a great purpose. but anyways! enough bragging.

the beginnings of a painting, i'm thinking pastel yellows, pinks, and browns. i had to darken the photograph a lot so you could see the drawing.

look at that adorable baby boy! i love him. he checks out his mommy's work all the time. =]

i have been super busy, but im not sure what/if i should post anything ive been working on for the magazine, i'd rather not just yet. keep you waiting! maybe it will entice you to purchase the magazine when it comes out?!

be on the lookout for great things soon from yours truly, i've got a few tricks up my sleeves for the next month or so. (maybe an art show? maybe a banner on a website? stay tuned!)

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thread & canvas

so not much to update with, but here are some pictures from the Thread and Canvas Hearts Atlanta



advice from a caterpillar

two down, one to go! but i ran out of medium so the final one will have to wait until tomorrow.
i wanted to go with something that was not so obvious, and kind of round about alice in wonderland. what do you think the last one will be!? hehe

cheshire cat 8 x 10 canvas, acrylic

the caterpillar 8 x 10 canvas, acrylic


if you guessed the rabbit you were totally correct! here's the final piece of the collection.

white rabbit 8 x 10 canvas, acrylic