sneak peak

i have recently received two blank skateboard decks, one for myself and one for a friend. SO i'm doing some trial and error wood burning and inking. it's a single, small, step closer to doing actual designs for skateboards. but i guess that's one of those life goals, so maybe one day you'll see my designs on some real labels.

this is probably going to be a pretty time consuming project seeing as i can only work on it for about 30 minutes at a time before the burner starts to burn my tiny hands!

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i think i'm cured

so i've been working on this drawing off and on for the past two days, and finally finished!! it's going to be one in a series of linoleum blocks based on my take of art nouveau fairy tales. this one's red riding hood. the illustrator file does the drawing no justice, but the carved block will hopefully turn out well.
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one pull &i could split the world in two

well here it is, final project(s) for the quarter.

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out of my heart

one more day! one. more. day. (silently having an anxiety attack)

final for advanced drawing, 18x24 charcoal

oh& books i'm dying to own! these are my top favorite design/art books of 2009.

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on the one's and two's

charcoal: 18 x 24

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about strength from inhalers

last week my opera poster was too cheerful, so I was told to dull it down a bit... a lot. hopefully i got it this time.

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now the sky is pink

poster pre-critique. fingers crossed!

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in fact you even broke my good tape deck, in fact i dont want to be friends.

thanksgiving break's almost done. here's a bit of what i've worked on. up next, another still life. colored pencil this time.

a clockwork orange book cover for typography.

this is a process picture, i'm going to add color when i can make decisions, i'm thinking of an art nouveau look. we'll see. it's to the dimensions of a skateboard.

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shoes to fill

for lack of photographs of my recent things, here is some graphic design for you. just something quick, it's a two letter type design.

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all night diner

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passion snapping

charcoal still life 18x24

5 piece stencil of gustav klimt's the kiss roughly 18x24 ( i didnt measure the piece of wood)



play our game

illustrated by yours truly.
helpful hint: you may want to read the how to play section first, or you might have some trouble.


organic &otherwise

we won first place at the game jam.
&this is what i've been up to recently.

(this is my table, i don't think it's done quite yet)



paragon f.t.w.

here's a sneak peak!



patience &the end of it

so quick update. i'm working on a side table. i plan on painting it, but here's what it looks like so far.

oh& wish me luck at the game jam! so nervous about it!



moon race

so i'm done with school officially! for four weeks! i'm so excited to start new projects and to participate in the upcoming game jam! i'm excited to learn a new trait. you can read information about it here:

so this was my last project for my editorial class this quarter. we had to do a major illustration and two spot illustrations AND place them in magazine format to look like it was just torn right out of a magazine.

the story was based on a modern moon race, google was offering some crazy amount of money for the first team of private investors to make it to the moon and return information to them. it was a pretty bland article. so i took my own spin on it, making it satirical. apparently i was the only one to instantly think star wars when the word "space" was mentioned haha.

so this was my cover piece. in case you don't know, starting from the front and going towards the back is: the arwing (starfox (video game)), x wing and a tie fighter (star wars), the starship enterprise (star trek), n.a.s.a. space shuttle, and your run of the mill unidentified flying object.

this was my sketch painting for it, i thought about going with a traditional medium, but for time constraints had to resort to adobe illustrator.

this was the first spot illustration. this includes: c3po & r2d2 $ wall-e.

&this was the second spot illustration. this includes from left to right: darth vader, spock, han solo, and xavier (xmen).

this little gem is the colored version of the piece from a few posts ago.



all done with my finals! here are a few gems from today.
the comic is going to be my own one day, but for the sake of having a deadline and needing it to look legit i made a fables logo.

the remix is an afterthought, but i LOVE the way it looks.




so probably the most stressful week i have had for a few years. i had 3 finals wednesday, 1 today, and 3 more tomorrow.

oh& i turned 21 on tuesday...unfortunately, i had so much school work that i spent my day in front of my computer &my birthday dinner was drive through mcdonalds =[

but my bestfriend brought me flowers, balloons, an awesome card, AND A CAKE! shes so awesome. i love her!

(it looks like there is a crazy spider on that pitcher, haha)

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of lanterns

so this is what my week consisted of: 
(the first two are not finished, they are only about half way there)

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nudes & fighter jets

so on wednesdays the school offers a free 2 hour life drawing session. lucky for me it's during the only 2 hours of the day i don't have class (which would normally be my lunch time, but who needs lunch when there's a free nude!?), which kind of makes for a stressful time getting to the next class without being late. but here are a few of the decent 30 sec and 1 minute sketches.

(she was very talkative)

oh and this is what i worked on in editorial today. haha

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new jewels

so this week has gone by incredibly fast. but here are two new necklaces that i worked on. mario themed, of course. sculpy, sanded, bronze gold leafed, acrylic paints, enamel seal. the blue shell (from mario kart for those who don't know) is going on a different chain the next time i make my way to the craft store, i don't like the way the chain goes across that gap. 

one day i'll open my etsy store.

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