so i had some post cards printed off not too long ago, never did post my design on here, so here it is! i'm hoping to do a series of them, subtle alice in wonderland paintings. this one is the white rabbit, i also have the cheshire cat that will be up next.

[ front]


if you're anything like me and collect these things from other artists, i can always send you one! who doesn't like receiving snail mail?! (when it's not bills anyway)
just e-mail me your name and address, or leave it as a comment if you're okay with doing so.
maybe we can trade?! eh?! eh?!

happy weekend everyone!


  1. That rabbit looks great! I also like how you did the background. Wonderful idea! :)

  2. I would really love to have one of these postcards! It is gorgeous, but unfortunately I have nothing to trade with :(
    I'll get back to you once I have something printed!

  3. What is it with you and rabbits ?

  4. you did an amazing job! love it.

  5. I'll get back to you when I have my own postcards to exchange with. :)

  6. Of course I'd love one, but I can't have one yet until I have something to send back to your in return ^^ I'll try to rush my publisher.
    And regarding that job, well... it all started with the card I wanted to print. I did a sketch of that town called Breaux Bridge, posted it on my blog, and my EDM fellow members told me I should have it printed. So I asked the local printshop if they'd like to do that, but instead they asked me to bring more drawings and asked me if I was interested to do any illustrations for the books they are publishing... so everything took off from there. I am still not quite happy with their speed in working, because it takes me a week to draw what they want, and 4-5 weeks for them to come back with answers or the pay -___- ah well. So that's the story ^^

  7. Thanks for the visit! glad you like the animals- I really dig your bunny and jellyfish.

  8. Really sweet! I recently did a post card trade too, and loved it! Have fun!

  9. Kristin, thanks for joining my blog and I've joined yours. I love your postcard and was especially taken with the early illustration that you posted some days ago. Your creativity shines!

  10. hi kristina,

    You've got some nice stuff here!

    Thanks for the comment on my work :)

    To answer your question I went to school at San Jose State University and have since graduated and am now at Blue Sky Studios.

    It's been a while since I've updated any online work, but I really appreciate your words!

  11. I want to wait until I make something as COOL as yours before I contact you. ;D

  12. thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You've got some really cool stuff going on here. I'll be back for more.