honey label

this is a label i made a while back for a freelance piece. it hasn't been mass produced yet, so in the mean time i'm vamping it up for my portfolio. i'm creating two more labels and making a little gift set of them! the next one i am going to make is orange blossom, the third one is still up in the air. i guess it depends on what kind i find to fill the bottle with.

i can't wait to see the final result! im planning on making a little crate with some hay or something to hold them in, it's going to be very DIY! i don't know about you, but i love lubalin graph!! it's added to my list of favorites for sure! right up there with helvetica and futura. the G and H fit like a glove huh!?

{© thirty-times-three}


  1. Looks perfect! I wonder if they are going to sell these here when they are mass-produced =) Good luck building your portfolio. All I have is really my blog and my Moleskine sketchbook...hahahaha

  2. I still have a year before I build my portfolio. In the meantime, I'm going to see how yours would turn out. Good Luck, Kristina!

  3. I just found you through Hope Studios, and I LOVE your work! That label alone is a beautiful example of how well you use color. I would buy that honey just because it was pretty! Seriously, nice work.

  4. Oh yeah, I didn't really mention where I live. I'm living in Louisiana =) it's a little distance from Atlanta, but guess what... everywhere you fly in the states, even when you die and whether you're going to heaven or hell, you still gotta go through Atlanta :p