Kraken down on spendin'

i bought these little leather coin pouches at work, and stenciled on them. they were a lot of fun, and turned out great!

i tried out a new method that i thought worked great: for small stencils, draw your design out on a piece of masking tape, use an xacto and cutting board to cut it out, and then apply it to your surface. it'll stick but not too much or too little. =]

p.s. it seems the old lady in me is slipping out, i'm making horribly lame jokes lately, guess it's time to break out the cardigans..

{© thirty-times-three}


  1. Looks cute! And don't feel bad, I think we've all got a little bit of old lady in us. ;-)

  2. That thing is awesome. I love to octopus logo.

  3. Reminds me of Kraken Rum. Which is not only excellently designed, but tasty. Very nice

  4. thanks guys! they seem to have been selling pretty well on etsy! i only have one left!

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