sparkling sun zombies

my first final project of this quarter. the project was to create a crate label based on the vintage crate labels sold in the 50's (which are oddly popular now, you can find them at most antique stores). The orange is painted with acrylic on a wood sheet, and the typography was done in illustrator. overall, i love it, but i want to change the color of the text. black is so heavy.

& my super awesome zombie necklace! just in time for halloween! you can purchase it here:

{© thirty-times-three}


  1. Hahaha, that zombie necklace is just awesome.

  2. Your label turned out awesome! I love the colors, textures and I think the black text really makes the whole label pop. Wonderful job!

    Yah, and your Zombie necklace rocks :)

  3. The label looks perfect - and the zombie necklace is awesome and so funny ^^!

  4. oh my gosh! I have a friend who would LOVE this zombie necklace! Any time of the year.

    I'm putting a new house together and am looking for original art. So glad I saw your site today! Awesome stuff.