half page magazine ad for myself. you like? i'm not sure i love it, but like most projects in my life, given the time i spent on it, it's not too shabby.

{© thirty-times-three}


  1. I dig it. It's got styles! =)

  2. Love the typeface you have used, and the balance of the words, and type weight.

    But, can I be a bit picky ? Sorry. The spacing between 'graphic design' and ' & illustration' feels a little too much to me, makes it feel like a new sentence, and not a continuation. I want to just nudge it up a tad. Make it taut. Sorry, hope you don't mind me saying.

    Love the illustration choices.

  3. I totally see exactly what you mean Keith! And YES the more input the better, I'm trained to learn and grow from criticism, so I will never take it in a negative way!

    I think the problem I had over all with this (besides the crunch time of approx an hour to pull something together) was that I first off, created the images in photoshop before i had any idea what I wanted to do with the text, and then brought the psd file into illustrator, finally decided on an idea, and then didn't have time to go back and change some things (i really want to add a few more blocks of images, so "hello" will line up with them).

    and upon re-visiting, I had this whole idea of lining the words up with the images, however, i went about it a little wrong, because it looks exactly how you pointed out, too far apart, so i will definitely be touching up this ad and thanks for contributing to the things i should consider! i'm the kind of person where most of the time, it needs to be pointed out before i'll see it.

    woah that was long!

  4. you could do better