i found this tonight on my amateur illustrator account. i had almost forgotten about it, but i really love it. it's one of, if not THE first illustrations i did for a major class in college. it could use some work, but i love it for what it is. i hope i can find the time to do more traditional things. school is really getting at me this quarter.

{© thirty-times-three}


  1. I would just leave it as is, its really well done (and you dont want over work it). I like the dotting design you used to make it, brings me back to art college years (ahh the memories)...

  2. Love the pointillism portrait :) One of my favorite creative outlets as well.

  3. thanks for the advice! (i don't know who i'm kidding i would never find the free time to re-address something like this anyway!)

    and yay! glad you both like it!