talking bird

as usual, i've been keeping incredibly busy! i'd much rather have too much to do than too little.
i've spent my week at school (i love love love all my classes) and working/painting, and have been adding key pieces to my design book collection. it's like adding key pieces to a wardrobe, they are things you'll use the rest of your
life & are so exciting to buy! the weather has been beautiful lately so i've definitely been trying to reflect some of those wonderful spring feelings in my work. here's a little bird to leave you with...

( 8 x 10 acrylic paint on canvas)
oh & one of my new favorites! holly yashi jewelry! i can see it now, this website is totally going to get me into trouble! beautiful jewels, adorable back story, and of course, if you are familiar with my paintings, they definitely reflect the color schemes i live by!

visit the holly yashi website here: http://www.hollyyashi.com/

i'm also in a cinco de mayo themed art show next month, if you're in the east atlanta area stop by east side lounge and support your local artists! (and maybe have a drink or two)

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