BIG news

so i've been incredibly busy lately, but GOOD NEWS! i am now beginning my career, thank goodness. haha. i'm the new illustrator and graphic designer for atlanta girl magazine! i love it! it's so exciting and i'm so lucky and proud to be working for/with something with such a great purpose. but anyways! enough bragging.

the beginnings of a painting, i'm thinking pastel yellows, pinks, and browns. i had to darken the photograph a lot so you could see the drawing.

look at that adorable baby boy! i love him. he checks out his mommy's work all the time. =]

i have been super busy, but im not sure what/if i should post anything ive been working on for the magazine, i'd rather not just yet. keep you waiting! maybe it will entice you to purchase the magazine when it comes out?!

be on the lookout for great things soon from yours truly, i've got a few tricks up my sleeves for the next month or so. (maybe an art show? maybe a banner on a website? stay tuned!)

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  1. i am soooo proud of you!!! love this banner comment:) would love to have one of your beautiful paintings, but i'm busting my butt trying to make some money to put back in to the biz.:) one day i'll be able to do trades. you'll be the first to know!