pbr pearls

so saturday was the annual pbr art contest/show at graveyard tavern in east atlanta.... unfortunately i found out about it the day before the artwork was due! this is what i managed to scrounge up over night. i'm no beer drinker and had to do some kitchen trash can diving at a friend's house... but i've been told pbr is way cheap, so i wanted to do things that were silly and in good fun.

reference photo

acrylic paint on illustration board approx 15 x 11 inches

i also wanted to make a piece of jewelry that kind of represented the idea of how poor can be rich. haha i think it's a pretty silly necklace.

ALSO pearl art supplies is closing! so sad but the whole store, or what's left of it, is 50% off! i got some pretty awesome dr. martin inks and new beads/jewels and linoleum printing things!


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