moved and cluttered

i feel like a lot of my blog entries begin with "so it's been awhile"... hahha
well i'm all moved into my mothers now, and my room has definitely been improved since my high school days. i'll post pictures when it's fully complete!

in the mean time... i found some sea shells in the basement and decided to do some much needed painting. i only have two weeks left before school starts back and i haven't done any of the projects i wanted to do.

i'm really excited for the next one. i have a plan! haha but it includes a few things that i do not currently have. i'll give you a spoiler though...it includes ocotpi and time pieces.

meet my good friend jess:

we were besties in high school, and have recently reconnected. she's a pretty amazing girl and a great friend, so me and nick are taking her away to bham for the week when she gets off work today. i'm super excited! we are going to hit all of our favorite thrift and antique stores and all of the usual food stops! 

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