almost late for class..

Just wanted to take a minute to reflect on the little wonders in my life: 

Meet Madigan. While just about everyone I grew up with now have babies, I have this little fuzzy joy. He's my son and the love of my life.  

Little Facts About This Baby:
- His name is from a series of Sci-fi novels, "The Looking Glass Wars".
- Names that were considered include Wedge and Dodge (also from the books, not the car)
- He is not a morning person.
 - He is the biggest momma's boy around.

This is Roscoe. He sure does like to pose for the camera.

-We've had him since I was in third grade
- Daily activities include: sitting, cleaning, posing, meowing.
- Tends to talk in "eh eh"s 
- Lives with the mom

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